Access to high quality education has made a tremendous impact on my life, without which I would not have had the same opportunities. Access to educational is a fundamental aspect of a child's development and vital to community growth. I want to ensure your fmaily and mine have the best possible education. I want to put my leadership, experience, and education to work for you and your family, to improve our schools. With nearly two decades of experience, I look forward to working for your children.
Access for All Students 

​We must ensure access to high quality education for all students at all levels. From Pre-K to Post-Secondary opportunities. Your access to education, programs, and services, should not be driven by which side of town you are on, your race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, disability status, or orientation. We must ensure all students have the same access. Ensuring access extends opportunities that impact the student's course through life and while Jefferson City is making progress, we can do more.  

Communication that is open, honest, transparent, and as timely is possible is imperative. We must ensure that the district communicates quickly and openly about key issues impacting students, families, staff and the community. Families, Students, and Staff need to understand how and why the district makes the decisions they make. Whether it's health and safety protocols, school boundaries, inclement weather, or any other event impacting students, families, and staff; this need to be communicated quickly and accurately. We also need to ensure that communication includes the good things going on throughout the district. Communication should not simply be a policy change or a fundraising request, but should also focus on the good. 
Data Based Decisions

Decision should always be made by consulting the data. We must ensure that we are transparent about the data whether it's graduation rate, literacy rate,  decisions about school boundaries, and everything in between. Families need to understand how the district is collecting and using data to best meet the needs of their students. Data is vital to making the best decisions to ensure quality education.  

Support Faculty and Staff

The district and it's policies and decision making needs to support staff and faculty, just as it supports students. In these challenging times, we must do all we can to ensure staff have everything they need to succeed. When staff feel valued and succeed this shows in the education they can provide our students.