Ian Shadrick

for Jefferson City School Board 2021
Experience  and Leadership

 A brighter future for all students.


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Leadership and Experience

Ensuring quality education for all students is one of the fundamental roles of a community. Community involvement and investment in the education of its students is vital to helping all students succeed. From early intervention services and Pre-K through High School, a high-quality education has a lasting impact on students and their community.

I am running for the school board because I am dedicated to ensuring access to a high-quality education for all students, at all levels, in Jefferson City. As a father of two children in the district, I have seen firsthand the impact of quality education and high expectations. Having worked with students throughout the state, I have also witnessed the impact of increased access to educational opportunities and related services has on students' lives after graduation. JCPS is a position to have an even greater impact in this area as we work to increase opportunities.

A top ranked education system is a significant factor for young professionals and new residents, in community growth, and retaining community members. I believe I bring the experience and leadership skills to help strengthen JCPS for all students, and would be honored to serve as a school board member.